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Earn $5 Just For Signing Up ~ WowEarnings

WowEarnings brings a little twist to the table allowing you to make money simply by reading emails. You can also earn money just by clicking on banners and viewing the advertisers site. You also have the opportunity to make money by signing up for free and low cost trials.


Another cool feature is that you can upgrade to become a "gold member". Gold members earn double! So, lets say that you sign up for the People PC offer that pays out $24. If you are a gold member, you will get $48. That one offer will pay for your gold membership, and then some. Also, as a gold member, you automatically earn a percentage of money made from users who signed up independently, without a referal. Not a bad deal!


ReliaClick. Earn Cash, Put the Internet to Work

Here is another site for you to sign up with and make money. This site pays you to complete offers and free trials. You also have the option to earn cash back for purchases that you would do on a normal basis.

I like some of the other programs, like Treasure Trooper better because of the referral program that they have. ReliaClick pays $.50 for every person who signs up under you and completes one offer. Some of the other programs give you a percentage of what your referrals make and some also give you the opportunity to purchase and win referrals. This way, you make money off of other peoples work!


Hunt Treasures at Treasure Trooper

I ran across Treasure Trooper and decided to give it a try. This site has some cool features with it that are making it one of my favorites. You have three different ways to make money on this site, complete offers, go shopping, or take surveys. Many of these sites only offer you the opportunity to complete offers and take surveys but this site includes cash back for shopping also.

Everytime that you complete an offer, you are given a chance to play a game. If you win, then you are given a pearl which can be used to purchase different things from Mabutu's Hut ranging from a mousepad to an Xbox 360. A very cool feature is that you can use your pearls to purchase referals. Once you collect eight pearls, you can purchase two referals that are randomly picked and put under your name. You then will make 20% of whatever that user makes, then 5% of whatever their referals make. Great way to pick up some extra cash!


Sign up for PayPal

Most of the websites that are based around the concept of getting paid to try products will pay you either by a check or through PayPal. PayPal is a great way to recieve your cash. You sign up with PayPal and after you complete your offers, you get paid in your PayPal account. Then you can withdraw your money and have it put directly into your checking account for free. You can also use PayPal to send money to friends and family. PayPal is a great resource for you to begin getting paid online while you complete surveys and free offers.

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Make Money With

Another great site for you to try is called FusionCash. How cool it is to actually make money, FREE. NO BS! This site lets you try products and get paid just for trying them.

The Catch?

You must cancel the trial membership within a given amount of time (usually one to two weeks). Some of the offers require you to order free or low cost information but the payout for signing up is always much greater than what you will make. Lots of other cool stuff on this site too. Looks Great

I partnered up with a website that was referred to me by another blogger called I signed up to see what all the fuss was about and I was surprised. offers numerous different opportunities to make money, everything from zip and email submission to trying free products and services. You then get a bonus for trying with all hopes that you will like the service and keep it. That is up to you.

You must input your correct information or she will delete your account and you don't get paid. So if you sign up for this one, get prepared for a little bit of junk mail. Who knows, you might want that free trial of Ambien!

Make sure you use my referral "untchable" and email me when you sign up for a special bonus!

For the month of December, I focused all of my attention to this site because of the great customer service that is provided. During the month, I made over $700.00 and I won a free Ipod! That just took care of all my Christmas bills!



Here is one free survey sight where you can earn points to trade for cash or prizes. It takes some time to earn a lot of points but if you take enough surveys, you can trade your points for an Xbox 360 or a plasma tv.

At, you are emailed surveys. You then log into the MySurvey website and complete the survey, usually takes 3 to 5 minutes. Every survey you take awards points that you can trade for money. Then if you qualify, you are offered a chance to take an additional survey that awards a lot of extra points.

This survey site is worth it if you have the time to spend.